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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is based on the European Union General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) (EU) 2016/679. Detailed information about GDPR is found on the official website:

We as a company are working to secure and keep your integrity and personal data safe when using our digital service (BridgeTab) and our Webshop.

Company registrar: Bolagsverket/Swedish Company Registration Office

Company registration number: 556039-9296

VAT registration number: SE556039929601

Legal address

Jannersten Förlag AB

Banérgatan 15

752 37 Uppsala

Which data we store and how we use it:

Jannersten Förlag AB collects customers personal data in order to deliver a smooth and safe service for customers. We collect data for the following reasons:

  • To be able to complete purchases (both for deliveries and through choice of payment)

  • To be able to provide customer service and support

This data may include your name, delivery and billing address, email address, contact numbers and specific purchase details. 

See more information how and why below, under attachment A.

Who can access your personal data?
Only Jannersten Förlag AB can access your data. We will not pass on, sell or swap your data for any purpose to third parties apart from:

Authorized partners that needs specific information in order to complete your purchase. We transfer data to the following partners:

  • Logistic partners for delivery

  • Payment partners for payment

  • IT partners, with whom we need to run our services, such as web-site serivice and customer service software

On what terms are we storing your personal data?
Regarding the European law, we have collected where and why the information is collected under attachment A.  

When do we get your consent to use and store your data?

  • When creating an account at

  • When you accept the terms and conditions at

  • When you provide your personal information by signing up for our newsletters or contacting our customer service team.

Your right to withdraw your consent
You have the right to withdraw your consent of any personal data processed by Jannersten AB at any time, but if you are in following situations we will not be able to deliver our service:

  • You have an ongoing issue with our customer service.

  • You have placed an order which has not yet been processed and shipped.

  • You have made a purchase that you want to return.

For all business made, we will keep your personal data in connection to your transaction for bookkeeping purposes.

In order to keep your personal information safe, we take responsible precautions and follow the industry practices to make sure that your information is protected. 





We use cookies when you visit our site. There are three main types of cookies – how and why we use them is listed below: 

  • Site functionality cookies – these cookies allow you to navigate the site and use our features, such as “Add to cart”.

  • Site analytics cookies – these cookies allow us to measure and analyze how our customers use the site, to improve both its functionality and your shopping experience.

  • Customer preference cookies – when you are browsing or shopping on, these cookies will remember your preferences (like your language or location), so we can make your shopping experience as smooth as possible, and more personal to you.


By using our site, you agree to us placing these sorts of cookies on your device and accessing them when you visit the site in the future.


Below is a specification of the reasons for us to store customer data. 

1. Placing an order 

1.1 Purpose of data collection

  • Delivery of ordered product/service

  • Handling of payment

  • Handling of returns

1.2 Types of personal data

  • Name.

  • Contact information (address, email, phone number)

  • Payment information (method of payment, transaction time)

  • Order information, for example products ordered


2. Handling of customer support


2.1 Purpose of data collection

  • Communication with the customer and responding to incoming requests via email and social media

  • Determine the customer’s identity

  • Handling of complaints, returns and support requests


2.2 Types of personal data

  • The email address used for the contact

  • The correspondence between the customer and our customer care


3. Newsletter


3.1 Purpose of data collection

  • Inform customers regarding news, discounts, or other marketing.


3.2 Types of personal data

  • Email address

  • Name, address, phone number

  • Order information


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