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We have a solution for every need and budget

The self propelling work horse!

The Duplimate® is fast, reliable and the most cost efficient of all dealing machines. 
It is the professional heavy duty users’ favorite. It is used at all European and World Championships. Barcodes on both cards and boards makes it possible for the Duplimate to cross-check the output. No mistakes!  The Mk VI takes the duplication experience to the next level and leads the way into the next generation. This model is self propelling; everything from deal generating to creating hand records is made by the machine. Simply use your usual device, be that your phone, tablet or computer to run the machine.


Some highlights:

  • You can use your phone or tablet to run the machine. No need for a computer.

  • Multilingual user interface!

  • The machine sets up a network. You can alternatively connect via an existing network.

Swedish engineering, Dutch manufacturer, and the best components available ensure long life reliability.


The no. 1 choice for non barcoded cards!


The best choice for non barcoded cards!

The Bridgesorter is an extremely fast and reliable machine that sorts bridge sized cards. Same sturdy construction as the Duplimate built with the best components available ensure long life and reliability.



The HandyDup is a handheld dealing machine with the same possibilities as a Duplimate.

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